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Leipzing University of Applied Sciences
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1+1 JXUST and HTWK Postgraduate Program

Leipzing University of Applied Sciences(HTWK) is Saxony’s largest University of Applied Sciences and one of the largest in Germany. For more than two hundred years, the University and its predecessors have been providing high-quality, career-relevant education in a diverse range of fields through innovative courses, excellent teaching and state-of the art facilities.

I. 1+1 Collaborative Program

(1) Students will finish their first academic year with proficient English in JXUST, then transfer all the grades they have already gained to HTWK finishing the last one year. After competing all requirements for both programs, HTWK awards the degree to the students.

II. Conditions

(1) Students in the fourth year of undergraduate Civil Engineering program or got degree in Civil Engineering

(2) Excellent senior students can listen to the course in JXUST, and can get degree one year in advance.

III. Requirement  

(1) Applicants must got degree before going to German.

(2) English Proficiency requirement: IELTS 6.0 or above or pass the interview arranged by HTWK.

Fees(Reference needed only) 

Registration fee: RMB200 (JXUST)

Tuition fee for one year in JXUST: RMB48,000

Registration fee and tuition fee in HTWK: €5.450.00(about RBM40,000)

Total fee for two years: about RMB160,000

 Leipzing University of Applied Sciences:

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