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Charlottetown in My Eyes-Impression on Summer Camp of Ganzhou No.3 Middle School Students, China
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In order to get used to studying and living in the Canada better, we have a tour on the Charlottetown where our school are located to learn the local customs and culture.

First, let’s figure out where the Charlottetown is. Look at the following map, Charlottetown is the capital of Prince Edward Island(herein refer to PEI).

PEI is the smallest province in Canada, covering 0.1% of the total area. There are 130 to 140 thousands people on the island, but the population density is the highest in the county. It’s named after the the Price Edward, the son of King George Ⅲ in 1798.  It is also named the Cradle of the Wave by its shape. The surface of the land is reddish-brown because the soil contains large amount of iron oxide. In addition, the coastline of the  island is winding and PEI has many harbors, so its agriculture and fishery are very developed, and its tomato and lobster are well-known in the world.

The long-length story Anne of Green Gables written by Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908 enhanced the popularity of PEI and Charlottetown.

This is the cabinet of Anne in the book and the cabinet the writer lived in reality.

The green road back to the cabinet leading to the dense forestry aroused the curiosity of the students.

This is the largest Catholic church in PEI.

At weekends, Downtown fair 

The white Governors Residence surrounded by green trees.

Stroll at beach

Beer house

Do you know why they get together at the main street in the downtown?

The third Friday of the August each year is a day to celebrate the end of the nice summer, which is called Gold Cup Parade in PEI. It is said that it is the biggest parade in the east of Canada. The local enterprises enthusiastically sponsored and participated in it by sending floats and phalanxs.

Bus-riding experience

A vast grassland and plants shaded the unique cabinets, all shows harmonious and tranquil  rural scenery.

Charlottetown ranked second at the Security Ranking of 15 cities in Canada issued by Mainstreet on August 14, 2017.

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